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To Assemble 32 Plant

1) Lay the unit down as per photograph.

2) Place water pump flat in reservoir, extract power cable through aperture "A" connect water feed pipes from pump to water feed pipe from bottom of grow tubes "B" and “C’, place B and C into reservoir and secure with cord with loop ends around reservoir and connect to hooks at bottom of grow tubes, place water filler cap on aperture “A"

3) Insert the water shower cups into tops of the grow tubes.

4) The unit can now be stood up on the Reservoir end. Lean unit in upright position against wall.

5) Install the wall brackets one each side of the grow tubes approximately 2.1 meters from floor to bottom of bracket, place the hanging pipe in pipe holders on brackets.

6) Use the cord provided to go around the hanging pipe and attach to the hooks on the grow tubes below the shower cup lids.

You now have a unit hanging, ready for the following steps.

A) Fill the reservoir with water at aperture "A" and replace the cap with the dip stick gauge, if dip stick is not located in reservoir body.

B) Connect the power cable from aperture "A" to cable coming from with a 12volt transformer and a digital timer combination, (Do not switch the plug on at this time) check if all the wiring is safely secure, The plug from the transformer digital timer combination is already attached plug into main power supply. then switch the unit on. ( should you need to extend cable, do this between wiring connection from transformer digital timer owing out to wiring to pump.

C) Select ‘manuaI’ on the digital timer and allow the water pump to build up pressure, check for leaks, place your finger in the plant apertures and check if the water is falling into the grow tubes.Then switch off power at the wall pIug.change preset digital timer to AUTO then switch on once all plants are inserted



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